sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Pendientes granites // Granite earrings

Has been a long time since I saw this beaded beads for the first time. And I always wanted to make them. And this weekend I finished with this desire! I like them, they are very easy to do, but at the same time the result is very nice (at leats aunder my point of view :P) These beaded beads, called granites, made with seed beads and czech glass are created by mimilg, but I cannot find the pattern, I think she erased it >.<

Hace ya tiempo que queria hacer estoas bolitas forradas, mucho mucho tiempo, pero al final me he decidido. Son muy sencillas y quedan muy bien. El esquema es de mimi, pero es de pago. Aunque ahora buscandolo ya no lo encuentro para poner el link, no se >.<

Espero que os guste!

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